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Horoscope today : October 20, 2020 in English


20 October 2020 Business & Love Horoscope in English | Today Horoscope 20 October 2020 | Dainik Rashifal | Daily Horoscope Aaj Ka Rashifal Astrology Today In English

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Aries Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Horoscope October 20, 2020 : Discovering your hidden potential is a big theme for you right now, and you are realising all the ways in which you are infinite. Let go of the old stories, Aries. Break up with the lies you have been telling yourself. If the cosmic cues are anything to go by, you will find that you are able to manifest the kind of opportunities that will take you places. What’s more, you’ll find that you’re able to use your wit and charm to your advantage too. Working with, rather than against people will prove to be the secret to your success.
Cosmic tip: Aries, you are a shapeshifter.

Taurus Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Taurus, the cards are urging you to explore the mind, body and soul connection. The manifestation of what you are experiencing may be on a physical level, but its roots lie in your subconscious. For instance, pain in the sacrum area could indicate financial fears or the inability to move forward. By that logic, accepting your path and letting go of the fear of change will help you deal with the trauma on a soul level. It all comes down to reprogramming yourself. In the words of Indian-American author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, “Genes are not the fixed, stable, immovable entities I was taught about; they are fluid and dynamic, and their activities are altered by every experience, thought, word, and action in a person’s life. So, why not direct your experience to influence your genes in the most positive ways?” 
Cosmic tip: Understand the metaphysical reason behind your pain.

Gemini Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

That glow on your face reveals you’re accepting the things you cannot change and changing the things that have dominion over. It’s a wonderful time to be you, Gemini. Tuesday sees you exploring that mind, body, and soul connection too. You’re looking at food from a holistic space and adopting the things that facilitate healing on a mind, body, and soul level. Consider delving into the world of herbs and spices to up the nutrition game. Remember, the ancients clearly knew something you and I don’t.
Cosmic tip: Approach food as medicine.

Cancer Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Cancer, you may find yourself stepping into the role of a mentor or guide, and helping those who are following the same path as yours. Remember, you were chosen for this mission for a reason. Don’t waste a single minute doubting your own power. Some of you may feel drawn towards the world of channeling and mediumship. The unseen world can be tricky territory. Word for the wise: Learn to ground your energy and strengthen your foundation before venturing out of familiar territories.
Cosmic tip: You are a guiding light for those around you.

Leo Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Leo, you’re the lover of the zodiac. The eternal child (represented by the sun card) who brings hope and optimism into the lives of those around you. This week, you’ll find yourself embodying this warmth and radiance like never before. In the realm of work, however, you may have to make a compromise of some sort. But, striking a deal with Lucifer doesn’t have to be such a bad thing, especially if you’re doing it on your own terms. PS: You know exactly how to turn the given situation in your favour.
Cosmic tip: You’re in the mood to strike a deal with Lucifer.

Virgo Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Virgo, you may find yourself playing the role of the jester as things get turbulent around you. What you have learned on your journey to enlightenment: there’s nothing more spiritual than the ability to laugh and make limoncello out of life’s metaphorical lemons. Some of you may find yourself struggling to make an important decision. The key is to find a balance between your head and your heart. The sooner you let go of your judgement, the easier it will be for you to see things from a higher perspective.
Cosmic tip: There’s nothing more spiritual than the ability to laugh.

Libra Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

In his bestseller Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho wrote, “You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.” Libra, you’re being asked to reflect upon both, this quote and your own narrative. What is the story you are repeating to yourself? Is the script based on defeat and struggle rather than victory and joy? Here’s the thing, though: you have a choice. You always have a choice. So, take this opportunity to let go of the old and redirect the script of your life.
Cosmic tip: It’s time to stop repeating the victim narrative.

Scorpio Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Tuesday sees you stepping into the role of the mystic and gazing into the metaphorical crystal ball. Here’s what you need to remember, Scorpio: you are gifted with vision and foresight—the understanding that 2 + 2 doesn’t always equal to 4. Those around you may or may not understand the messages you are delivering from the beyond, and that’s okay. You are not here to convince anybody of your ‘powers’. Speak the truth and let go of your attachment to a specific outcome.
Cosmic tip: Deliver the truth without expectations and attachments.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Sagittarius, you’re a lover at heart, even though you don’t always admit this to yourself. Tuesday sees you channeling the magic of Aphrodite and opening your heart to the one (or the ones). It’s the season to love and be loved, after all! In the realm of work, however, you’re adopting a more practical approach. On your agenda today: finding solutions to long-standing problems and perceiving possibilities where others see roadblocks.
Cosmic tip: It’s the season to love and be loved!

Capricorn Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Practicality is overrated. So is the struggle narrative that dictates you have to kill yourself to achieve your goals or get to a desired destination. Today, the cards are urging you to get in touch with that childlike wonder that you parted ways with a long time ago. The one that makes you believe in magic and fairies and unicorns. In the words of multidimensional being Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anna), “The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up towards yourself.”
Cosmic tip: Reconnect with that childlike wonder and innocence.

Aquarius Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

Aquarius, you’ve always been a humanitarian at heart, one who’s driven by social welfare. Living a life that’s merely self-serving has never been on your agenda. The weekend ahead sees you awakening to your power and purpose and extending your support to a cause that you feel deeply passionate about. For some of you, the change could be drastic, one that might inspire you to let go of your day job altogether. Given the uncertainty that surrounds us at this time, it’s probably a good idea to tread one step at a time.
Cosmic tip: You’re extending your support to a cause you deeply resonate with.

Pisces Horoscope Today : October 20, 2020

The week ahead sees you transforming wounds into wisdom and letting go of the victim narrative. You understand that things happen for you (not to you) for a reason—and these things helped you step into your power and awaken your purpose. A prayer of gratitude is in order, dear Pisces. The next chapter of your life is about holding space for your fellow warriors and helping them navigate the tricky terrain of life. Rumi’s immortal words, “The wound is where the light enters” holds especially true for this transformation.
Cosmic tip: The wound is where the light enters

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