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our Daily Horoscope Wednesday November 13, 2020


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Horoscope Today 13 November 2020

Aries Horoscope Today November 13, 2020
We’re not supposed to laugh at serious matters. It’s seen as being insensitive and impolite. Yet, when we take things too seriously, don’t we risk making them even more serious? Sometimes, the best way to diffuse a tense situation is to inject some gentle humour. It’s not an easy thing to do; as great comics know, it’s down to split-second timing. As Jupiter and Pluto reach the peak of their influence, they reveal potential light in a difficult situation. If you seize the moment, it can be transformative.

Taurus : Horoscope 13 November 2020
At the heart of every prediction lies a fundamental question. Are the planets going to be kindly disposed to you today? Of course, you’d like your astrologer to have good news for you, and might feel disappointed if they suggested otherwise. Yet, although the cosmos has your best interests at heart, life teaches us that nothing protects us, 24 hours a day, from its ups and downs. You’ve felt alone while dealing with a challenge. As Jupiter and Pluto align, here comes the support you need.

Gemini : Horoscope 13 Nov 20
We can poke holes in anything when we want to. While humans might be the easiest to tear apart, even natural phenomena can’t escape our critical eye. Mangos. Hard to eat with dignity. Wasps. What’s the point? If even the great cosmic deity doesn’t seem to get things right, what chance do we stand? Although there’s much to criticise in your world, try to focus on the beauty around you today. As Jupiter and Pluto link, when you dig a bit deeper, something delightful will appear.

Cancer : Horo 13 November 2020
In these difficult times, when none of us are free to do what we normally do, it’s hard to believe that what’s going on in your world needs to be going on, while what’s not going on really ought to be happening. Due to life’s stresses and challenges you’ve created a series of plans which you feel personally responsible for seeing through to completion. The Jupiter/Pluto link allows you to step back from the pressure you’ve put yourself under. You’ve done more than enough. Try to relax.

Leo : 13 November 2020

As the link between Jupiter and Pluto’s reaches its most powerful, it brings the chance to look into your heart and voice your most innermost desire. You wish you had something you don’t have, it’s just that you’ve buried that wish so deeply that you’ve hidden it from yourself. Perhaps you fear being disappointed, or are worried that others will judge you when they know about your secret hope. Today, if you find the courage to share a dream, you increase the chance of it coming true.

Virgo : Horoscope 13 Nov 20
It’s easy to find fault with one another. While some people like to share their critiques loudly, for all to hear, others are more discreet and whisper their disapproval. Yet, whichever way the criticisms are made, none of us likes being the recipient of negative thoughts. Even those who seem to be able to shrug off their critics secretly wonder whether their detractors have a point. If you overhear any comments today, feel free to ignore them. There’s no need to let anyone’s negativity affect you.

Libra : Horoscope 13 Nov 20

Today’s Jupiter/Pluto link reinforces how well you’re doing. You’re more cherished and respected than you think. With your ruler, Venus, in your sign, even with the current restrictions on your social life, you can’t help but emit an attractive air, and every kind-hearted gesture is more effective than you realise. When people hold you in high esteem, their awareness is based on real appreciation rather than a fleeting impression. A relationship holds potential for greater depth.

Scorpio : Horoscope 13 November 2020

Why do you want something? Will it genuinely lift your heart and warm your spirits? Or is it simply better than the alternative? How many of our hopes and goals are based on pre-mitigated notions of what we can, should, or ‘could’ achieve? The ‘next best thing’ rather than what we’d really love? If that’s so, how should you interpret the fact that life has denied you a recent dream? As Jupiter and your ruler Pluto connect, maybe it wasn’t saying ‘no’; it was saying ‘yes’ to something bigger.

Sagittarius : Horoscope 13 November

What counts as success? Would you settle for something that turns out just a bit better than you feared it might? Or is it worth waiting for the crème de la crème? The cherry on top of the cake? Of course, great expectations hold the potential for big disappointments. Yet, settling for mediocrity won’t make you happy. As the link between your ruling planet, Jupiter, and Pluto reaches its zenith today, don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars. Don’t sell yourself short when luck’s on your side.

Capricorn : Horoscope 13 November 20

According to tradition, the Buddha sat beneath a holy tree for seven weeks before he received the gift of enlightenment. I’ve come across many people who are committed to meditating for several hours every day. While their commitment is commendable, we shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that things are meaningful only if they’re time-consuming. A single deep breath can be an oasis in an otherwise hectic world. A moment’s clear thought can bring perspective today.

Aquarius : Horoscope 13 November 2020

If old dogs can learn new tricks, and leopards (with the help of CGI) are able to change their spots, then what’s stopping an innovative Aquarian from transforming a tired aspect of life into something they can get excited about? Although there appear to be some very good reasons why you’re feeling stuck, you’re more than capable of instigating a positive change. If you take a moment to revisit an old idea, something delightfully different can begin. It’s all about finding the right attitude today.

Pisces : Horoscope 13 November 2020
Let’s imagine that times are different and you’re about to do a bungee jump for charity. As you’re harnessed up and ready to go, your mind starts racing. Is this really safe? What if the rope breaks? Is it too late to back out? Well, it would certainly be embarrassing, but it’s not impossible. If both your head and heart are united against doing something today, it’s worth listening to them. But, as Jupiter and Pluto link, if your anxiety stems from a fear of the unknown, take a leap of faith.

Note – In the above results of the horoscope based on the movement of planets in the kundali of the native Change is possible. Hence, you can consult your astrologer.

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