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Your daily Horoscope November 14, 2020, Saturday in English


Horoscope 14 november 2020, Daily | Today Horoscope 14th November 2020 | Dainik Rashifal | Daily Horoscope Aaj Ka Rashifal Astrology Today In English | Business & Love Horoscope in English

Horoscope Today 14 November 2020

Horoscope 14 november 2020, Daily | Today Horoscope 14th November 2020 | Dainik Rashifal | Daily Horoscope Aaj Ka Rashifal Astrology Today In English | Business & Love Horoscope in English

Aries : Dainik Horoscope Today November 14, 2020
If Friday the 13th really affected the level of good fortune available, surely calendar makers would override the date. We could have ‘Friday almost the 14th’, and be rid of this superstitious day once and for all. While we’re at it, the use of ladders could be banned and cautionary advice about the use of salt could be promoted – to prevent any from being spilt! As for today, just remember that luck is what you make it. Following the Jupiter/Pluto link, you can make yours very positive indeed.

Taurus : Daily & Dainik Horoscope 14 November 2020
We often overlook our abilities and sell ourselves short. Like dissatisfied restaurant reviewers, we turn our attention to the aspects of our personalities that ‘could be improved’; our faults are more apparent than the subtle, well-balanced flavours. It may be Friday the 13th, but there’s no excuse for ignoring your assets. When you value yourself, the rest of the world shows its appreciation. This weekend brings a reminder of how much you’ve enabled someone. You deserve the praise.

Gemini : Today Horoscope 14 Nov 20
Humour is a very personal thing. What makes one person laugh may leave others cold. Sometimes, the very fact that someone isn’t amused is what makes a situation funny. Unless, of course, that person happens to be you. In which case, it’s not even slightly amusing! It’s not that you’re unable to laugh at yourself; it’s that you’re dealing with a situation that’s far from humorous. Yet, if you’re able to stand back and look at it afresh this weekend, you’ll find reasons to smile.

Cancer : Dainik Horo 14 November 2020
‘Things may come and things may go, but this is one thing you ought to know. It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’. This lyric, sung so beautifully by the great Ella Fitzgerald, particularly resonates with sensitive Cancerians. You know better than most that the way you approach a situation (or a person) hugely impacts the results. Just because a recent event hasn’t turned out as you’d hoped is no reason to lose confidence. This weekend brings the reassurance you need to believe in yourself.

Leo : Daily Dainik Today Horoscope 14 November 2020

Intimidation is a terrible thing. It would be wonderful if we could relegate it to history, but we don’t have to look far to see it exhibited by people who should be setting a good example. Sometimes, we even bully and intimidate ourselves. We tear ourselves down over the tiniest of mistakes. Where, in your world, are you fretting about something that doesn’t merit your concern? Have faith in yourself and in your abilities – and know that this weekend, the cosmos is doing all it can to support you.

Virgo : Dainik Today Horoscope 14 Nov 20
No one ever inhales a first cigarette and thinks how delicious it tastes. It takes commitment to become a smoker. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a challenging habit to drop. When we make the effort to acquire a taste for something, it means more to us than tastes that naturally appeal to us. You’ve discovered that something you learned to like isn’t as fun (or as good for you) as you thought it would be. When this weekend brings the chance to free yourself from a burden, take it!

Libra : Daily Horoscope 14 Nov 20

In order to access the abundant, infinite amount of love that abounds, we just need to believe that it exists. That’s as true on Friday the 13th as it is on any other day of the year. You have Venus, your ruling planet, in your sign. And, despite the day-to-day challenges of life, following the powerful Jupiter/Pluto link, you’re being gifted by a kindly cosmos. This could be your lucky day. With an open-hearted, and optimistic approach, a wearisome situation can be transformed into a positive.

Scorpio : Today Horoscope 14 November 2020

No way! You can’t do that! Not under any circumstances. Well… not unless it’s a special Friday; in which case there might be a clause that enables you to go ahead with a plan. Oh! Of course, this is one of those days! You’ve been adhering to a self-imposed psychological restriction that has nothing to do with physical self-distancing. It’s been preventing you from creatively exploring a new idea. This weekend brings the chance to metaphorically branch out into new, exciting territory.

Sagittarius : daily Horoscope 14 November

Why is Friday the 13th supposed to be unlucky for some folk and lucky for others? How are we supposed to know what to do to be one of the people who comes out on top? Following Jupiter’s powerful link with Pluto, are you entitled to be a member of the luckier group? The cosmos is enabling you to look at a problematic situation with new perspective this weekend. If you’re able to view what’s happening, whether you like it or not, with a positive attitude, you’ll find that luck is on your side.

Capricorn : aaj ka Horoscope 14 November 20

Some educationalists like to categorise people into ‘left-brain’ or ‘right-brain’ thinkers. The former, they say, have an inclination for maths and science, numbers and logic; whereas the latter are lateral, creative thinkers, drawn towards art and literature. I can’t believe such distinctions help anyone. Surely we should just nurture people where they struggle and encourage their strengths? Capricorns are reputed to be pragmatic… which is all the more reason to follow your heart today!

Aquarius : Horoscope 14 November 2020

If everything happens for a reason, why isn’t life filled with happy endings? Why is there so much stress and strife? Yet these terms are more subjective than they first appear. What seems problematic to me might sound easy to you, and vice versa. Yet, one thing that’s beyond all doubt is the effect of having a positive attitude. This weekend, following the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction, you can see beyond the difficulty that has been overshadowing you… and have some fun.

Pisces : Dainik | Daily | TOday | Horoscope 14 November 2020
According to mathematicians who have studied biblical references about its construction, Noah’s Ark would have been large enough to have room for a pair of every animals living at the time of the great flood. Does that mean that every word of the vast tome is true? Even though that’s not a conclusion we can draw, it’s an interesting idea. Whatever your own views on spirituality, this weekend’s events will give you good reason to believe in the possibility of divine intervention.

Note – In the above results of the horoscope based on the movement of planets in the kundali of the native Change is possible. Hence, you can consult your astrologer.

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